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2017 | 23.–26. September, Bertinoro

5TH Course in Eye Genetics
2017 ESHG/ESGM Courses


This is a 3-day long postgraduate level course aimed at both clinicians and researchers seeking an up-to-date introduction to, as well as an overview of ophthalmic genetics today. The course will cater for an audience including ophthalmologists, clinical and molecular geneticists, and genetic counselors. Topics include genetics of inherited retinal diseases, age-related macular degeneration, myopia, glaucoma, corneal disease, optic neuropathies, ocular developmental disease, and gene therapy. The faculty combines experts from all fields of ophthalmic genetics known for their didactic skills.
Participants are encouraged to present a clinical or genetic case of eye disease and will be coached before presenting.
Prizes will be awarded for the three best presentations.

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