The German Society of Human Genetics, formerly the "Society of Anthropology and Human Genetics", was founded in 1987. Its principal objective is the promotion of research, education and practitioning in all areas of human genetics. The society organizes scientific meetings, conferences and workshops to share and discuss scientific progress. In addition, the society encourages and integrates different scientific and clinical specialties of human genetics.



GfH-Initiative on Actionable Genes The German Network on Actionable Genes - GNAG - was founded

Our German Network on Actionable Genes invites interested clinicians and scientists to join our working group.

Here you will find some more information about GNAG. Our aim is to deal with secondary findings ("Zusatzbefunde") and the question, which genes to include to further the goal of providing people information that can have a huge impact on their health outcomes. In order to promote standardized reporting of medically actionable information from clinical genomic sequencing, our working group GNAG will analyze, collect and publish a minimum list of genes to be reported as secondary findings during exome or genome sequencing.

You are cordially invited to join our GNAG


May 25 –27,  2020, Pira/ Slovenia

15th International symposium on Variants in the Genome:
detection, genome sequencing and interpretation


March 19 – 20, 2020, Vienna

Translational biomarker development and clinical application
Joint 3rd Donau Symposium and 4th AIT Austrian Biomarker Symposium


September 2 – 5, 2020, Weissenburg

The Sixth Weissenburg Symposium
Genome-wide Epigenetic Profiles


September 22 –25, 2020, Bertinor/ Italy

Course in Hereditary Cancer Genetics
University Residential Centre of Bertinoro, Italy